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“Ribera de Guadiana” DO WINES

Local Products – Wines The wines of Extremadura achieved their seal of identity and quality in 1999. A single Denomination of Origin (DO) protects six sub-areas of vine production in [...]


Local products – Black pudding of Guadalupe This sausage typical of Guadalupe is one of those delicacies of Extremadura which you just can't miss. The black pudding of Guadalupe is [...]

“Villuercas-Ibores” PDO HONEY

Local products – Honey The honey of the “Villuercas-Ibores” Protected Denomination of Origin is the natural product which is produced by the bees Apis mellifera from the nectar of flowers [...]

Villuercas-Ibores-Jara olive oil

Local products – Olive oil The quality of good olive oil depends essentially on two factors: the quality of the olives and the agroclimatic conditions under which it is developed. [...]


Local products – Ibores cheese "Ibores" cheese is made from raw goat's milk and is matured for at least 60 days. There are also factories with a small production capacity [...]

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