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The Cradle of the Animal Life

The origin and radiation of the first animals. The Armorican Quartzite hills highlight on the crests of Las Villuercas with their impressive quasi-vertical walls. Armorican quartzite is the old geological [...]

Nature & Culture

Nature, Culture, Gastronomy and much more ... One of the assets of the Villuercas- Ibores-Jara Geopark is the richness of its extraordinary natural heritage. It is illustrated by the seven [...]

The Geosites

The geosites of the geopark Fifty-four places of special geological interest (“geosites”) have been cataloged, such as some mountains with special geomorphological features, faults, deep river valleys, paleontological or mineral [...]

THE GeoparK

The Geopark of Extremadura This is an extensive mountainous massif with a surface area of 2,544 km2 located in the southeast of the province of Cáceres between the basins of [...]