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Methodology of the past

The project is coordinated from a working party made up of representatives of the Unit of Educational Programmes of the Provincial Delegation of Education, the Teachers’ and Resources Centres of Trujillo and Navalmoral de la Mata, the director of the School of Infant and Primary Education (Colegio de Educación Infantil y Primaria, CEIP) of Cañamero, and the members of the management team of the Geopark. It receives assistance from the Educational and Scientific Committee (Comité Educativo y Científico, CEC) of the Geopark. The director of the CEIP of Cañamero is the coordinator of the participation of all the centres in the activities.

It is organised using the methodology of the Regional Ministry of Education in a Seminar, also called Geocentres, from which various activities are planned. The methodology will be practical and reflective between the participants of the groups. It is complemented by the “geocentres” google+ community where access can be had to information; it is planned as a space for sharing queries, activities, documentary material, files, and resources necessary for the development of the educational project of the Geopark.

The Seminar brings to its methodology the motives to justify the objectives of the educational project. Geoparks promote the preservation of the geological heritage and also the historical, natural, and cultural heritage of their territories. However, geoparks exist because they are necessary and relevant to their community, which encourages educational strategies or those of social development and economic sustainability using this heritage. This consideration has deserved the full attention of the UNESCO. There is no need to stress that the E of UNESCO stands for Education and what this means for the growth of human communities. In consequence the E for Education is of vital importance in the development of the Geopark, which since its creation has shown off its educational project as one of its essential mainstays.