Gestión del Geoparque

Comisión Territorial


Territorial commission

With the aim of carrying out the management of the Geoparque as near as possible to its territory and its most representative entities, a Territorial Commission without legal entity is available in the following terms:

The Territorial Commission consists of the entities located in the territory of the Geoparque (Association of Municipalities, Geovilluercas, and Aprodervi), and representatives of Cáceres County Council and the Regional Government of Extremadura.

Its main functions are the proposing of activities in the Geopark in accordance with the objectives of development of the district and geotourism of the entities mentioned together with their periodic follow-up.

The proposal of territorial activities combines with the educational and scientific programmes and that of external relations to shape the draft of the Plan of Action which must be approved by the Council of the Geopark.

The Commission’s duties include the follow-up of the carrying out of the activities planned, orientating them and settling any doubts as to their interpretation. It may issue reports for reprogramming if this should be necessary or for requesting the inclusion of technical specifications in keeping with the activities planned in the procedures of the contracting of the signatory entities, without detriment to the competence of its own contracting bodies.

With the aim of making them available to the society of the Geopark, all the records with their proposals and the decisions taken by the Territorial Commission are publicly displayed on this website. Moreover, in order to achieve greater dissemination of its decisions the GEOPACA NEWS  bulletin has been created which is available in the news section of this website.

The minutes of the Territorial Commission are only in their original Spanish version.