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Slow Tourism

The slow movement is a reaction against our fast day-to-day lifestyle and an alternative to mass tourist destinations. This trend recommends a more relaxed way of travelling in contact with nature and the landscape and at the same time encourages interaction with the local population.

Small stores, local producers, and autochthonous products are a vital part of this way of travelling in which slowness is the average speed, being in a hurry is not allowed, and conversation, photography, and sitting on after a meal are essential values.

The slow experience of a trip to the Geopark is reflected in the picturesque route between Berzocana and Cañamero, the Armorican Quartzite Route, and the Geofood project.

You can enjoy a slow experience during your trip to the Geopark with:

  • The picturesque routes of “Villuercas Sur”, 27 km between Logrosán and Guadalupe, and the “Carretera de Las Villuercas” between Guadalupe and Castañar de Ibor of 13 km.
  • The Armorican Quartzite Route
  • The Geofood project

Become a geotourist in one of the best places in the world to do so

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