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The craftsmanship of the Villuercas Ibores Jara Geopark includes the famous copperwork of Guadalupe and Alía (braziers, bed warmers, stills and cauldrons), as well as the traditional wrought ironwork of several villages in the Ibores and Villuercas.
The good woods of the area have made it possible for traditional furniture craftsmen to still exist today. We can also find interesting works of art in bulrush chairs in Bohonal de Ibor. Embroidery is famous in Cañamero, Berzocana, Alía, Deleitosa, Fresnedoso de Ibor and Logrosán, and the beautiful «lagarterano» style can be found in many other towns in these regions, and coloured blankets can be found in Deleitosa, Robledollano, Cabañas del Castillo, Logrosán, Alía and Cañamero.
Arab tiles still have a place in Logrosán, where the tradition remains after centuries.

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Crafts Hall Church of the Most Holy Trinity
This centre is part of the Royal Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe. The function of the crafts centre is to promote, disseminate and market the products of the workshops of Extremadura.
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Telephone: +34 927 154 001

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