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Become a geotourist

Geotourism goes a lot further than just visiting a Geopark, although that’s where it all starts. It should be understood as tourism which sustains and improves the identity of a territory considering its geology, environment, culture, aesthetic values, heritage, and the wellbeing of its residents. Geological tourism is assumed as one of the various components of geotourism (the Arouca Declaration, Portugal, 2011) but it is not the only one.

Geotourism is a philosophy, it is visiting geosites but it is also contemplating the Geopark’s skies and its flora and fauna, enjoying its gastronomy, buying handicrafts and other products of the territory, and becoming involved and interacting with the local population.

We invite you to become a geotourist by visiting the Villuercas-Ibores- Jara Geopark!

Let us discover together
the mysteries of our
beautiful planet.

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