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Nature, Culture, Gastronomy and much more …

One of the assets of the Villuercas- Ibores-Jara Geopark is the richness of its extraordinary natural heritage. It is illustrated by the seven Areas of Special Protection of Birds and the eight Sites of Community Importance (SCI) recognized in the Habitats Directive of the European Union. This natural and wild biodiversity wealth has led to a increasing number of ornithological tourists in recent years.
These visitors are attracted to some iconic species such as the cranes and the abundant bird related to the high outcrops of the Armorican Quartzite mountain ranges: the fawn and black vulture, the Egyptian vulture, the black storks, the owls and the golden eagles. Some companies are specialized in geotourism and birdwatching. Look for them on this website.
Geoparks also appreciate culture, anthropology, archeology and history to the same extent as it does with the geological and natural heritage. In Villuercas – Ibores – Jara numerous cultural attractions can be visited: The Royal Monastery of Guadalupe is of particular importance, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. But besides this, it is noteworthy the Moorish traditional architecture, the castles, the churches of Alia and Berzocana and the traditional local festivals like the Carnival of Souls in Villar del Pedroso, one of the oldest and most entrenched.

Visitors can complete their trip tasting some high quality products such as the goat cheese “Ibores”, the honey “Villuercas- Ibores”, the Cañamero and Alia wines, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Villuercas-Ibores-Jara”, the meat products branded as “Dehesa de Extremadura “, cherries, chestnuts and artisanal pastry. Landscape, geology, vegetation, wildlife, and a rich historical and artistic heritage combine to make a visit to the Geopark Villuercas – Ibores – Jara an irresistible invitation for all the senses.