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The geosites of the geopark

Fifty-four places of special geological interest (“geosites”) have been cataloged, such as some mountains with special geomorphological features, faults, deep river valleys, paleontological or mineral deposits, the synclinal and anticlinal folds, etc. Especially notable are the  “Risco de La Villuerca”, the Syncline of Santa Lucia, the Apreturas (strait) of the river Almonte, the Peña Amarilla strait and the Costanaza Mine. Many of them are also cultural sites, for example shelters with art rock, old Vetton fortress, Arab castles and the Logrosan mines that shows us the facts about the mining history in the region.

Many of these valleys have no paved access. We recommend you to contact with the Geopark companies you can find on this website to enjoy a safe journey. They have specialized vehicles and are able to give you the proper interpretation of each geological site letting you, as geoturist, to take advantage of your time in the best company.

Finally, the karst cave of Castañar de Ibor is another remarkable asset. It was declared as Natural Monument due in part to its impressive formations, speleothems, of aragonite. For visiting it you must be registered in a rigorous waiting list. This visit difficulties are solved by a virtual 3D visit in the interpretation center also enabled as Geopark information center.