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Local products – Honey

The honey of the “Villuercas-Ibores” Protected Denomination of Origin is the natural product which is produced by the bees Apis mellifera from the nectar of flowers or secretions from the living parts of plants or found on it. The bees sip, transform, and combine it with specific substances of their own and store it so that it can ripen in the honeycombs of the hive.

The “Villuercas-Ibores” honey must be free from inorganic substances and from organic ones other than those of its composition. Furthermore it will only come from hives recorded on the register of farms of the “Villuercas-Ibores” Protected Denomination of Origin.

In addition to its quality as a food, the “Villuercas-Ibores” PDO honey has an official seal of approval which guarantees the soil, climate, water, and plants which do not match and balance each other anywhere else.
The melitopalinological analyses performed at the request of the Regulatory Council have shown that the “Villuercas-Ibores” honey comes from the cork oak, bugloss, heather, lavender, Genista tridentata, chestnut tree, holm oak, hawthorn, white asphodel, cistus, rockrose, ling, dwarf Spanish heath, mastic tree, strawberry tree, yellow restharrow, Aextoxicon puntctuatum, oregano, broom, oak tree, willow tree, flax-leaved daphne, blackberry, and other natural and cultivated plants from this land.

All of them are visited by the bees at their various flowering times and give this honey the tastes, aromas, and colours which distinguish and ennoble this sweet and healthy product.