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The wines of Extremadura achieved their seal of identity and quality in 1999.

A single Denomination of Origin (DO) protects six sub-areas of vine production in Extremadura, five in the province of Badajoz and one in the province of Cáceres in the Villuercas-Ibores-Jara Geopark: that of the wines of Cañamero.

The district is located in the heart of the Sierra de Guadalupe with the vines growing at an average altitude of 849 metres above sea level. Its relief is rather rugged and the crops are located preferably on the hillsides on slaty terrain.

It includes the municipalities of Alía, Berzocana, Cañamero, Guadalupe, and Valdecaballeros.

The Ribera de Guadiana Denomination of Origin guarantees the wines protected by its brand. This certification process authorises the marketing by the wine cellar of the wines included in our denomination of origin.

The wine cellars of the Geopark with wines certified by the Ribera de Guadiana Denomination of Origin are the Ruiz Torres and Carabal cellars