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Local products – Olive oil

The quality of good olive oil depends essentially on two factors: the quality of the olives and the agroclimatic conditions under which it is developed. In the Geopark we are in luck. You can find olive oil of the best olive varieties which are grown with great care in a privileged environment.

Picual olive oil

The picual variety is the most important in the world and the most frequently grown in Spain. The name of the variety refers to the shape of the fruit which ends in a point or pico.
Among its qualities the persistence of its taste stands out; it is slightly spicy in the mouth. This is very suitable for enhancing the flavours of sausages, marinated dishes, raw dishes, salads, and any dish which requires an intense taste with certain fruity aromas.

Cornicabra olive oil

This is the second most important olive variety grown in Spain. Its name refers to its peculiar fruit which is curved on the shape of a horn or cuerno.
Its intense flavour makes it versatile for use in the kitchen as it always enhances the flavour of foods. It brings the best out of fried food, roasts, and sautéed dishes and also of fried pastries.

Manzanilla cacereña olive oil

Of the 1700 different varieties of olives in the world this is one of the few which is suitable both for the table and for oil production. This is a variety which is highly valued for its large amount of flesh and its taste and above all for the excellent properties of the extra virgin olive oil which is extracted from it, which without a doubt can be considered one of the best in the world.