What is a geosite?

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A geosite is…

…a place where a part of the geological history of the territory we are visiting can be appreciated and understood. The Geopark’s geosites make up the telling of that history. Due to their relevance, they constitute a heritage whose conservation is the responsibility of society. The recognition of its international relevance motivates the declaration as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

We understand, therefore, that these are places of special geological interest. However, geoparks catalog and use geosites in a more comprehensive way since their objectives, beyond the promotion of geological heritage, contemplate other natural values and those that society has introduced as a culture throughout its local history.


In this way it is possible to access to a good number of geosites of particular importance in scientific terms, rarity, aesthetic appeal or educational value. In Villuercas-Ibores-Jara, the geosites described on this page tell us about relief, peaks, mountains and valleys, its paleontological richness, folds and faults, erosive and sedimentary forms, mining past, or the Castañar de Ibor Cave Natural Monument. They are also located in splendid landscapes that hide unique habitats of the Mediterranean forest, rocky outcrops with cave paintings, traces of human presence since its dawn in lands where it has also left dolmens, forts, castles, traditional festivals steeped in history and the beautiful Mudejar architecture crowned by the Royal Monastery of Guadalupe.