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GeoFood: The brand of local products and restaurants of the World Geoparks of the UNESCO

The GEOfood concept includes new sustainable strategies for agriculture and local food production in the World Geoparks of the UNESCO. Behind the globally adopted GEOfood label there is a clear vision. The holistic approach which is applied to sustain local communities and the bottom-up approach which characterises the World Geoparks of the UNESCO is the basis of GEOfood.

Together we are working to support the producers, farmers, and entrepreneurs of the Geopark to preserve traditions and increase their local economy while respecting the environment and following sustainability models.

Together we support sustainability: GEOfood products are made from local raw materials to encourage the daily use of zero mile foods so as to empower the local communities involved in agriculture

Together we seek new opportunities with projects to support the communities of the World Network of Geoparks, implementing new educational initiatives based on the local economy, the good use of foods, the circular economy, zero mile foods, agriculture, sustainable development, and tourism.

GEOfood is much more than just a brand. GEOfood is an innovative way of connecting visitors with the population and the territory. Food is an international language which can be understood by all. Indeed by means of food we connect people with the Geopark, with its nature, and with its traditional and innovative products, strengthening local commerce and the appreciation of unique culinary and purchase experiences which is only possible for visitors to the Geopark.

Likewise the adoption of the new GEOfood brand in Geoparks contributes towards the Sustainable Development Objectives.

GEOfood is a growth brand. Every day more World Geoparks of the UNESCO join it to promote the connection between the unique geological heritage of Geoparks and local gastronomic traditions. The GEOfood brand holds the copyright in Europe as part of the European brand registry.