International Geodiversity Day

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International Geodiversity Day was proclaimed by UNESCO at the 41st General Conference in 2021. It is celebrated on October 6 each year to highlight all aspects of geodiversity.

When we speak of geodiversity, we do so of everything that constitutes the physical environment in which life is developing. However, and as geoparks know very well, each environment, each soil, each rock, each landscape reveals stories of thousands and millions of years with which we can learn some lessons with which to better manage the planet in which we live and that we must leave to the next generations.

Being the first time that such a day is celebrated, it is appropriate to leave some reflections in which to support our awareness of inhabiting a planet whose history has bequeathed us the physical basis of everything that we recognize in our landscape. For this reason, UNESCO promotes the celebration of this day and encourages its Geoparks to bring geodiversity even closer to people. The Villuercas-Ibores-Jara UNESCO Global Geopark is fortunate to contain a wide geodiversity. Acknowledging it is as wise as being proud of all our heritage.

We want to echo this day, spread it to society and promote it with an exhibition that is capable of expressing the richness of its geodiversity in images and short texts.