Since 1929 the Virgin of Guadalupe has held the title of Queen of La Hispanidad. This means that every year on 12th October, the anniversary of the arrival of the ships of Columbus in America, this festival is celebrated in a very special way with great solemnity in the town of Guadalupe. Among all the events the procession of horses and riders from all parts of Extremadura stands out.

The link between Guadalupe and America is not restricted to the visits made by Columbus to the Catholic Monarchs in the Real Monasterio. The navigator named an island in the new world in honour of the Virgin and baptised the first Indians brought to Europe in the font opposite the monastery. Conquistadors and monks took the cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the new world and implemented it over a large part of Latin America.

In 1929 Alfonso XIII crowned the image as Queen of La Hispanidad; that moment saw the foundation of the Guard of Honour or Royal Association of Horsemen of Santa María de Guadalupe with the aim of preserving the festival in honour of the Virgin. Ever since then on 12th October Guadalupe has been the scenario for an unusual procession of horses and riders. At the start of the event the procession of horsemen reaches the Plaza de Santa María de Guadalupe where the Eucharist is celebrated.

During this celebration the investiture is held of the new members of the Royal Association of Horsemen Caballeros, who are presented with sashes. The parts of the ceremony are the floral offering, the procession of the brotherhoods, and the tribute to the Patron of Extremadura and Queen of La Hispanidad.

In the afternoon horses and riders reach the Real Monasterio from all corners of Extremadura and Spain, some of whom have been travelling for days on the various the pilgrim routes. The unusual spectacle of the large group of mounts and the sounds of their hoofs on the paving are spectacular and represent the climax of one of the most interesting pilgrimages in Spain. The festival has been declared an Asset of Regional Tourist Interest by the Regional Government of Extremadura and attracts more and more visitors every year.

Apart from the religious celebrations, this festival is also an opportunity to hold various cultural and social activities. This is the case of the Gala de la Hispanidad, where prominent personalities meet to take part in debates on the Hispanic movement and Spanishness. On the other hand the Guadalupe Hispanidad Prizes are awarded with the objective of spreading the Hispanic dimension of the Virgen de Guadalupe and Extremadura as a whole. These awards recognise the work of individuals, bodies, or groups who have played an outstanding role in promoting, in one way or another, the cultural and religious values of Guadalupe and the Hispanic world. The giving of the Concierto de la Hispanidad by the Orchestra of Extremadura is also becoming a tradition.