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The European Geoparks Network

The European Geoparks Network -EGN– is one of the regional networks of the Global Geoparks Network. The GGN encourages the formation of these networks recognizing the historical role they have played in the overall success of the Geoparks initiative and their valuable role in the exchange of experiences, promotion of initiatives, joint projects and assessment to new Geoparks.

The EGN coordinates the activities of the GGN in Europe and its members, the European Geoparks, meet twice a year in a Coordination Commission. They take advantage of one of these meeting to organize the European Conference on Geoparks, a large scientific and technical exchange in the areas in which the geoparks are involved.

The European Geoparks Network was founded in June 2000, with representatives of the Geological Reserve of Haute-Provence (France), the Petrified Forest of Lesvos (Greece), the Gerolstein/Vulkaneifel Geopark (Germany) and the Maestrazgo Cultural Park (Spain). They were the seeds of the current GGN.